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About Burn Down Hollywood

The "Burn Down Hollywood" Podcast has been going strong for a year now.  There have been lots of changes, but we are constantly evolving in order to bring you entertaining content.  Dennis D'Antin, actor and singer, began this podcast to get together with his friends and talk about movies, TV, music and what its like to live in Hollywood.  Dennis figured that a podcast would not only be a good way to practice the art of conversation, but an excuse to set aside some time every week to hang out with friends, have some beers,  and talk to some interesting Industry People.

Mario Loya, actor and improv genius joined the show in August 2012 by the request of his good friend Dennis.  He has been a great addition to the show and adds a very unique style of comedy to the conversation.

In the future we will be using our resources to reach out to Hollywood Professionals for some informative and comedic interviews.  We are currently lining up some famous Actors, Writers, Reality tv Celebs, and behind the scenes TV and Film crew members.

Keep listening for all the new and exciting content that Burn Down Hollywood will be putting out.

Yes!  We put out!

Now, go burn something down!

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